An Introduction to Laminate Flooring to Help You Decide If It Will Be Ideal for Your Home

When considering flooring materials for your home, your mind will probably gravitate towards popular materials such as hardwood, marble, terracotta and even ceramic tile. But these are not the only options worth considering. Certainly, laminate from years past has received a bad rap, as many people assume that this material does not only appear tacky but is flimsy and will succumb to damage in the short term. But this is grossly untrue.

As the flooring industry evolved over the years, advancements have greatly improved the qualities of this flooring material, making it a worthwhile contender when put up against the aforementioned materials that are highly popular. If you have never considered this material to be a viable option, check out this brief introduction to laminate flooring that will help you distinguish if it will be ideal for your home.

What materials is it made up of?

A fact you may be surprised to learn about laminate flooring is that it is referred to as hybrid flooring material. It gets this distinction from the array of materials that it comprises ranging from fibreboard to plywood and a high definition picture layer. Once the layers that make up the laminate flooring are assembled, the surfaced is coated with a protective layer of urethane that works to keep the photo layer vibrant and resistant to wear. Premium laminate flooring supplies will also be outfitted with water-recusant backing, which works to prolong the longevity of this flooring. 

What can you anticipate from laminate installation?

Another great fact about laminate flooring that makes it perfect for any household is how easy it is to set up. The various planks that will be used to put the flooring together are designed with grooves, which work to interlock with each other. Therefore, unlike other flooring solutions that will have to be secured onto the subfloor with fasteners or adhesives, laminate flooring will be ready for use without it having to be nailed or glued into place.

What benefits will you get to enjoy with laminate flooring?

There are multiple advantages that you will get to enjoy when you choose to install laminate flooring in your home. Unquestionably, cost savings are at the top of the list, as laminate flooring provides this in several ways. First, this material is economical so your initial investment will not be costly. Second, the durability of the laminate minimises the need for upkeep and repairs, which translates into reduced lifetime costs. Third, the effortless installation process decreases your labour costs. It is also worth noting that the urethane coating on the laminate flooring makes this material an allergen-friendly solution for your home.

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