Reasons to Install Engineered Floorboards

If you're looking for a hardwood timber floor alternative, you'll have plenty of options, including laminate, vinyl and engineered planks. To help you make a decision, consider the following reasons to install engineered oak flooring.


Engineered oak flooring consists of a plywood or HDF core, both of which resist humidity and moisture better than solid wood. This core is covered with a thin veneer of natural oak hardwood. Thus, your floor will look authentic as oak covers the surface. Other alternatives like laminate and vinyl planks use methods to mimic wood. Vinyl planks are coloured and textured to imitate the grains of natural timber. Laminate consists of a core board covered in a photograph of wood.

Can Be Re-sanded

Because engineered timber is covered with a thin wood layer, these floorboards can be re-sanded to smooth out dents or scratches — just like solid hardwood planks. The number of times you can refinish engineered planks depends on the veneer thickness. Thicker layers can take more refinishing without wearing away. This treatment means that engineered planks can last for decades. On the other hand, laminate consists of a photo of wood covered in plastic which can't be altered. Nor can vinyl planks be resurfaced — if they stain or dent, the only way to refresh the floor is to lay new vinyl.

Humid Rooms

Like laminate and vinyl, you can install engineered flooring in rooms — such as bathrooms or kitchens — that don't suit solid timber flooring. The plywood core inside engineered planks is made by glueing several wood slices together, with the grains of each at right angles. This structure prevents the planks from swelling and shrinking as much as solid wood. Another possible core, HDF, consists of wood products and resins that are stable in humid conditions and fluctuating temperatures.

Colour Options

Oak timber comes in various shades of pink, yellow and brown, providing options when choosing the flooring. If you want to give the impression of a larger room, install pale wood that reflects light. You can also choose wider planks with fewer seams to create a sleek look and reduce visual clutter, which also helps evoke spaciousness.

Thus, engineered oak floorboards provide an excellent hardwood flooring alternative, as they display the authenticity of actual timber but don't suffer from the same problems. Your floor will be covered in a wood veneer rather than a laminate or vinyl replica. Additionally, you can sand engineered oak planks to refresh the surface.

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