3 Ways Carpet Can Be Installed

When it comes to installing carpet, the right installation method will depend on several factors including budget, footfall and whether the property is owned or rented. Each installation method has its advantages and disadvantages and you should carefully consider the options before making your decision because if you're not happy with your choice, it can be costly to have the carpet lifted and re-laid. Read on to learn about three popular carpet installation methods.

The Glue-Down Method

The glue-down method involves gluing the carpet directly to the floor. To use this method, the floor must be smooth or imperfections will show through the carpet. It's best suited to concrete or boarded floors and holds the entire carpet firmly in position. If the carpet will be exposed to rolling traffic, such as wheelchairs, gluing it down can prevent rippling and uneven wear. However, as there's no underlay used with the glue-down method, the floor will lack insulation. The carpet will also be difficult to remove when it's time to replace it.

The Stretch-In Method

The stretch-in method involves the use of grippers to hold the carpet in place. Grippers are long lengths of wood with several small, angled nails attached to them. The grippers are mailed to the floor around the perimeter of the room and carpet is stretched over the grippers. The nails in the grippers hold the carpet in place. The stretch-in installation method allows carpets to be installed quickly and can be used with underlay to provide additional comfort and insulation. Carpets installed with this method are easy to remove, but because the carpet is only secured around the perimeter of the room, rippling can occur if the room is particularly large.

The Cut-To-Fit Method

The cut-to-fit method involves the carpet being cut to fit the room and then laid without being secured to the floor. Underlay can be used with this method, but the carpet will be prone to moving and changes in weather and humidity can cause a loose carpet to shrink and expand. However, this method of installation would suit those who rent a property and aren't allowed to fix carpeting to the floor. It can also allow you to lift carpets in small rooms for easy cleaning.

Your carpet installer can advise you on the best installation method for your property based on the type of floor the carpet is being installed on and how the room will be used.

Contact a local flooring contractor to learn more about carpet installation.

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