What Makes Limestone a Great Natural Stone Flooring Solution for Your Home?

Perhaps the ceramic tile flooring in your home is has started to look worse for wear due to ageing or maybe you are concluding the construction of your new home build but do not want to go the traditional route with hardwood flooring. You probably are looking for unique flooring supplies that will provide you with durability while elevating the interior design of your residence. although there is a multitude of materials that you could consider, none is as diverse as natural stone supplies. Not only are they available in a vast selection of options but these materials are intrinsically robust, making them great for busy households.

Limestone, in particular, tends to be underrated when in reality, it is one of the versatile natural stone materials available. Whether you want a contemporary interior design scheme or a coastal chic vibe in your home, here are a few of the qualities of limestone that make it a great natural stone flooring solution for your home.

One of a kind appearance

A leading reason why limestone is a great choice for homeowners looking for visually pleasing flooring is its one-of-a-kind appearance. And this can be attributed to its composition. This sedimentary rock is made up of the mineral calcium carbonate as well as organic matter in the form of crushes seashells, coral and so on. The remains from the molluscs, crustaceans and other shelled sea creatures create fossilized patterns in the rock.

Consequently, you are guaranteed that the limestone flooring in your home will not be identical to any other type of flooring in the world. Moreover, the unique appearance of the limestone flooring will not limit your aesthetic choices, as this flooring works well with a wide array of décor styles ranging from minimalist interiors to the rustic charm of farmhouse design.

Exceptional endurance

The deceptively delicate appearance of limestone makes some people presume that it will be incapable of withstanding heavy-duty applications, but this is a grassy incorrect. Contrary to popular belief, limestone offers excellent durability and this can be attributed to several inherent qualities of this stone. To begin with, this material is incredibly strong, so much so that it was commonly employed in construction applications centuries past.

Hence, it can withstand the forces applied by heavy foot traffic, making it suitable for any household. Additionally, a quality of limestone that not many people are aware of is its inherent resistance to both bacteria and mould. Not only does this make it invulnerable to deterioration from these biological agents, but it is also a hygienic solution for your flooring needs too.

Other benefits of limestone that make it ideally suited for flooring applications are it is soft underfoot, requires minimal upkeep and is more pocket-friendly when compared to alternative natural stone materials. Reach out to a professional for more information about limestone

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