The advantages of an epoxy coating on your floor

An epoxy coating is applied over a concrete floor to create a smooth and durable surface. Although they are often used in warehouses and workplaces, they are also used in domestic garages and other concrete surfaces. What are the advantages of this kind of flooring?


One of the main advantages of epoxy coatings is that they are resistant to most kinds of spillages. They can resist oil and water spillages and can also withstand fuel, chemicals such as bleach and other cleaning fluids and most other substances. They are also heat-resistant. This makes them ideal for garages and other workshops.


An epoxy coating on a concrete floor is one of the longest-lasting surfaces that are available. They do not much suffer much damage no matter what kind of use or traffic they undergo and do not wear out much over time. Although you will eventually have to apply another layer of epoxy, your surface should have a much longer life than other types of flooring.


A layer of epoxy applied to a concrete floor can be one of the cheapest surfaces available. As it is quick and easy to apply the installation costs are much lower than fitting a new floor, making it an ideal solution for a home garage.

Easy to clean

As the epoxy seals the concrete it is no longer porous, and so is very easy to maintain and keep clean. Things do not tend to stick to the surface so most spillages can be easily wiped off. It also means that bacteria and other microbes cannot get into the flooring, so the surface can be kept sanitised and germ-free.


An epoxy coating can include additives to make a floor less slippery. It can also lessen any impact from falls and is resistant to fire and extreme temperature. As it is also more reflective, it can also improve safety by improving visibility and making the workspace brighter.


An epoxy floor can appear bright and professional. They are available in a number of different colours and can be arranged in patterns to match with the existing colour schemes and design of your surfaces and to mark out parking spaces or walking paths.

Epoxy coating is a very versatile method of covering a floor. It is cheap and simple to install, and it will give you a surface that is durable, safe and attractive.

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