Simple Wood Flooring Guidelines for Your Home

Once in a while, it becomes necessary to upgrade your home flooring. But what if you are stuck and have no idea where to begin? One of the simplest ways to renovate your floor is to consider timber floors. This type of flooring effortlessly accentuates any interior decor. It also creates a personal style and character to your home, more than any other. Here is a quick guide to picking out timber floors.

Identify The Right Colour

The best thing about most of the timber floors is that they come in a natural, warm wood colour. It has a way of matching quite well with most surroundings and decor styles. Still, you can choose unique colours to create desired effects, depending on the type of spaces you are installing the flooring in. For example, you can pick white wood floors for rooms that are small and get lower traffic. White can enhance the tiny space to make it appear bigger and brighter.

Honey-toned hues are great for floors that are larger and receive higher traffic. They are also quite useful in disguising dirt. On the other hand, if your setting is more formal, then you can pick dark brown timber floors.

Pick the Right Size of Flooring Board

The question that accompanies most wood flooring is whether to go broader or narrow. If you are the traditional type, narrow boards can work well for you. But as you are about to discover, parquet boards are now the new trend. 

Meanwhile, the broader and longer the boards are, the better they appear in a smaller room, as they make the space look bigger. The opposite is true for a much larger room. In this case, go for those thin and short strips to bring the best effect on the surface.

Consider Durability 

You want to install flooring that will last a long time. Thus, it would be best if you zeroed in on such hardwoods as oak and maple. Cherry is also quite durable and can withstand high traffic in your home. Of course, these types of wood can be costly. So if you are tight on budget, wood types like pine can do. The best way to maintain pine is to paint it regularly and refinish it to avoid scratches and any other unsightly marks.

Most timber floors come as a finished product. This means that they already feature specific colours and measurements for installation. But you can also pick from unfinished boards, as they allow you to customise your flooring.

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